Information in English for the most commonly used municipal services, including passport services, parking and waste disposal. For questions about products or services which are not currently available in English, please consult the contact page.

Leiden International Centre

For more information for international residents and newcomers living in Leiden, visit Leiden International Centre (LIC). LIC provides information and services and organizes registration appointments at the municipality for highly skilled migrants, intra corporate transferees, scientific researchers, entrepreneurs, recent graduates, and EU citizens with at least a Bachelor’s degree along with their families. Please note that the Leiden International Centre charges a fee for their assistance and additional services.

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Contact and Opening hours

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Huurteam Leiden

Are you renting a house or room in Leiden and are you having problems with your home, rent, or landlord?

Leiden International Centre

Leiden International Centre is a non-profit organisation for expats.


Register your change of address abroad (RNI)

You can only register your change of address abroad, when you are registered in the Register of Non-Residents (RNI).

Moving to The Netherlands (if you have previously been registered as a resident of The Netherlands)

Are you moving back to the Netherlands from abroad, or have you been deregistered from the Personal Records Database (BRP)? If so, you are required to re-register with the municipality…

Registering a move to or within Leiden

Are you planning to move to the municipality of Leiden or are you moving within the municipality? You can register your move up to 4 weeks in advance.

Notification of relocation abroad

Do you plan to live in another country for 8 months or longer? If so, register your move abroad with the municipality of Leiden.

Registering a move from abroad

Are you moving to the Netherlands and do you plan to live in the municipality of Leiden? Then you should make an appointment with the municipality.

Registering as a non-resident in the Netherlands (RNI)

Are you not living in the Netherlands but you have a relationship with the Dutch Government? Then you are a non-resident. You should register at the municipality Leiden.

Registering a birth

Have you had a baby? You should register the birth with the municipality’s registry of births, deaths, marriages and registered partnerships within 3 days.

Verification and legalization

Register foreign documents for use in the Netherlands

A document that is official and legal in a country outside the EU is not automatically legal in the Netherlands. With legalization and verification of documents you can prove the authenticity and reliability of foreign documents.

Proof of sponsorship or accommodation (for foreign visitors)

You may need a ‘Proof of sponsorship or accommodation’ if you receive visitors from abroad. Visitors from certain countries require a visa to enter the Netherlands.

Legalization signature

You can legalize your signature under a document at the municipality. With this, the municipality declares that the signature is genuine.

Immigration and passports

Refugees and asylum seekers

Are you a refugee or asylum seeker? If so, finding your way in The Netherlands can be difficult. The municipality of Leiden can help those with a refugee status to integrate into Dutch society.

Acquiring Dutch citizenship through naturalisation

Have you been living for more than 5 years in The Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao or Sint Maarten? Or in the special municipalities Bonaire, Sint Eustatius or Saba? If so, you can be naturalised.

Integration in the Netherlands

On this page you will find information about your integration obligation and what role the municipality plays in this.

Acquiring Dutch citizenship through an option

Are you an immigrant or the child of an immigrant? And do you not currently hold Dutch citizenship? If so, it’s possible to acquire Dutch citizenship through option.

Alien’s passport

Are you living in The Netherlands but don’t have Dutch citizenship? If so, you will need an alien’s passport to travel abroad.

Refugee passport

A refugee passport is a travel document for those holding refugee status.

Driving licence, parking, cycling

Waiting List Areas in Zone A

From May 1 2024 a maximum number of resident parking permits is enforced in the city centre.

I am looking for a parking place

In Leiden you can choose between street parking and parking in one of the parking garages.

Driving licence

You need a driving licence to drive a car, lorry, moped or tractor. Make an appointment at the muncipality’s office in Leiden.

Residents parking permit zone A

Do you live in an area with paid parking? Then you can apply for a resident’s parking permit.

Residents parking permit zone B

Do you live in an area with paid parking? Then you can apply for a resident’s parking permit.

Residents parking permit zone C

Do you live in an area with paid parking? Then you can apply for a resident’s parking permit.

Bike removed

Information about incorrectly parked bicycles, abandoned bicycles, wreck bicycles, bicycle depot and objections.

Parking ticket

You receive a parking ticket by the municipality of Leiden if you fail to pay at the ticket machine or if you do not have the correct parking permit.

Appeal against parking ticket

Have you received a parking ticket? And you don’t agree with this penalty charge? Appeal it with the municipality.

Exchanging foreign driving licence

Page containing information about exchanging a foreign driving licence for a Dutch driving licence. Also to make appointments for same.

Parking permit for employees

Is your business in Leiden located in an area with paid parking? Apply for an employee parking permit for your employees or for yourself.

Visitor’s parking permit

Do you live in an area with paid parking in Leiden? Then you can use a digital visitor’s parking permit to pay for your visitor’s parking charge.


Waste containers

In Leiden city centre and the surrounding districts there are (underground) containers for household (residual) waste.

Waste collection schedule

Check the collection schedule to see on which day of the week residual waste and organic waste are collected in your neighbourhood.

Municipal recycling facility

As a resident of Leiden, you can hand in bulky waste at the Municipal recycling facility. Make an appointment first if you come by car.

Requesting, replacing or returning a waste container

You can request a new container for residual or biodegradable waste if it is broken, has been stolen or has disappeared.

Applying for a waste or container card

Do you not have a container card in Leiden? Or is your container card not working? Then you should apply for a new card.

Bulky waste

You can transport your bulky waste to the municipal Leiden recycling facility or arrange to have it collected free of charge.

Personal Records Database

Extract non-resident (RNI)

Have you lived in the Netherlands for less than 4 months, or do you live abroad? Then you are registered as a non-resident.

Information in the Personal Records Database (BRP)

You can go online to see how you are registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) or visit the municipality of Leiden to view the data.

Adjusting data in the Personal Records Database (BRP)

Is your data in the Personal Records Database (BRP) no longer accurate? Then the municipality Leiden can change or delete data in the BRP at your request.


Voting for the European Parliament as a non-Dutch citizen

Do you live in the Netherlands, are you not Dutch and do you have the citizenship of another member state of the European Union (EU)? Then you can choose to vote in the Netherlands for the Dutch members of the European Parliament.



The municipality of Leiden finds it important that every child and adult will get suitable education. On this page you will find more information.


New street parking in the city centre

Street parking has changed in the city centre of Leiden. All roadside parking places are available for licence holders. Except for a few locations where visitors can park for a maximum of 2 hours. The new rules for street parking started in June 2022.

Bicycle parking

Deelproject van: Fietsen
There are bicycle sheds in various places in the city. For example at the stations and in the city center. Some of these parking facilities are guarded.