Waste containers

In Leiden city centre and the surrounding districts there are (underground) containers for household (residual) waste. The containers can be used at any time of the day.

What is or is not allowed to go into the containers?

Dispose your waste in a closed (rubbish) bag. This will prevent the container from getting dirty and smelly.

Do you have other waste, like paper or cartboard, glass, textile or bulky waste? Do not put this in or next to the underground waste container. Use the paper, glass or textile containers or go to the municipal recycling facility to dispose your bulky waste.

How does the container work?

Hold the container card above the reading window. A green light will light up and you will hear a ‘click’. The container is now unlocked.

Pull up the valve and put your rubbish bag in the container (1 closed bag at a time).

Carefully close the valve.The rubbish bag falls into the underground container and the valve locks. Use your container card again to dispose another bag.

Container full or jammed?

The container sends an (electronic) message when the container is 80% full. The municipality will empty the container as soon as possible.

Please report a full container or malfunction by calling 14 071.

Container card

Only residents who qualify for a container card have access to the containers. A container card is linked to two containers. It is possible to add a third location to the pass.

Have you lost your container card, is your card broken, or do you want to add an extra container to your card? Go to the page applying for a waste or container card and fill in the form.


The city map shows the locations of the underground waste containers in Leiden. This map is only available in Dutch. The translations below can help you use the map.

Containers voor restafval – Residual waste containers
Containers voor papier – Paper and cartboard containers
Containers voor textiel – Textiles and clothing containers
Containers voor glas – Glass containers
Milieustraat – Municipal recycling facility