Legalization signature

You can legalize your signature under a document at the municipality. With this, the municipality declares that the signature is genuine.

Legalizing a signature is often necessary on documents that have to be sent abroad. Even if you give your consent for something, legalization may be necessary.

You sign the document or a copy of your passport, driving license or identity card in the presence of the official. The municipality confirms with a stamp that your signature is the same as the one on your passport or identity card.

The value of the stamp on your document

A legalization says nothing about the correctness or reliability of the document. The stamp of the municipality only proves that the signature is of the person named in the document.

Request legalization signature

You arrange the legalization at the counter of the municipality. Make an appointment for this.

Take with you

  • the document on which you want to place the signature
  • identification


Legalizing documents costs € 16,60 per document.

How long does it take

The legalization is arranged directly at the counter.

Laws and rules

You can read more about legalizing documents on the website of the Dutch government.