Alien's passport

Do you live in the Netherlands, but do you not have Dutch nationality? And are you unable to obtain a passport from your country of origin? Then you need an alien’s passport.


  • In order to receive a foreign resident passport you will need to prove that your country of origin is unable or unwilling to provide you with a passport. This can be done with a letter of rejection issued by the embassy of your country of origin.
  • You will have to request and retrieve the foreign resident passport from the Leiden municipal government in person.
  • Are your registered as a refugee? In that case you do not qualify for an alien’s passport, but for a refugee passport.

Requesting a passport

  • Request a foreign passport at the municipality’s front desk. This requires an appointment.
  • Bring the letter of rejeection written by the embassy with you to this appointment.

The municipality will request permission from the ministry of foreign affairs to issue the alien’s passport.

To bring with you

  • A previously unused passport photo. To review the requirements for this photo, please consult the Rijksdienst voor Identiteitsgegevens.
  • The letter of rejection written by the embassy.
  • Your residence permit.
  • Your previous alien’s passport, if any.


An alien’s passport costs € 63,40.

For children under the age of 18.

  • The child is required to be present at the appointment.
  • Both parents or legal guardians will have to grant permission. Use the permission form (pdf, 52 kb). You may also fill out and sign the form during your appointment.
  • Valid proofs of identity of both parents or legal guardians must be supplied (original documents) even if only one parent or guardian is present at the appointment.

If one of the parents is unwilling or unable to grant permission, the other parent may request replacement permission from the court in The Hague.

2 months.

You will have to retrieve the passport in person. This does not require an appointment. After processing your request you will have 3 months to etrieve the passport. After 3 months it will be destroyed.

If you require a passport urgently, you can file an emergency request. If you file your request before 15.00, you can retrieve the passport the following working day, after 10.00. You will have to pay an additional € 57,05.

If your old passport has been lost or misplaced an emergency procedure might not be possible. If you’re leaving today, contact the military police for an emergency document.

In case of loss or theft of your passport you can request a replacement at the municipal front desk. You will have to fill out a report at the desk. You are not required to file a police report.

If you lose the document while abroad you will have to file a report with the local police.