Refugees and asylum seekers

Are you a refugee or asylum seeker? If so, finding your way in The Netherlands can be difficult. The municipality of Leiden can help those with a refugee status to integrate into Dutch society.

Refugees from Ukraine

Many Ukrainian refugees are seeking shelter in Europe. And therefore also in the Netherlands. Leiden helps with the reception of refugees from Ukraine. For more information, visit Help for Ukraine.

Requesting asylum

Do you wish to request asylum? Or do you wish to become a Dutch citizen? If so, report to the Immigration and Naturalisation service (IND). The IND handles your asylum procedure, and may assign a residency permit or reject a request for asylum.

Refugee housing

The Central Organ Asylum seekers (COA) is responsible for housing asylum seekers in The Netherlands, including in the Leiden municipality.


Do you reside in the Netherlands and do you have a refugee status? If so, you are required to integrate. You will be provided with Dutch language classes and lessons on Dutch society. You will have 3 years to complete the courses. Afterwards an exam will be required.

Are you a refugee with a residence permit? Or are you a (family)migrant?

The municipality Leiden will help you to integrate in society as fast as possible. This is done by the municipality with the integration programme Leidse Inburgering.

Would you like to join the programme Leidse Inburgering?

We will guide you during your integration. We will give you advice and will help you to graduate as soon as possible. We will also help you to find a job or an appropriate training as quickly as possible. The programme Leidse Inburgering offers several courses. Together with Vluchtelingenwerk we help you how to deal responsibly with money. Leidse Inburgering helps young people to be well prepared to attend Dutch education as fast as possible.

There are 2 routes possible via Leidse Inburgering.

  • The B1-route. Would you like to learn the Dutch language well? Would you like to do an integration test at language level B1? Then you can follow this route.
  • The Z-route. Is it difficult for you to learn the Dutch language and would you like to be independent as much as possible? Then you can follow the Z-route. You will learn the Dutch language up to level A1.

VluchtelingenWerk offers support and guidance for asylum seekers and refugees in the provinces of South Holland and Zealand. This is offered throughout the asylum procedure, from arrival to self-sufficiency. VluchtelingenWerk offers legal support during the asylum procedure, when seeking family reunification or when seeking to extend the duration of one’s refugee status. VluchtelingenWerk also offers support to those returning to their country of origin.

RefugeeHelp provides independent information on a variety of issues you may face as a refugee in the Netherlands. The information you find on this platform comes from the independent human rights organisation VluchtelingenWerk Nederland.