Register your change of address abroad (RNI)

If you live abroad and move to a new address, inform the Dutch government.

If you live abroad and are going to move you can inform the Dutch government of your new address. This is possible in 19 municipalities including Leiden.

You can only register your change of address abroad, when you are registered in the Register of Non-Residents (RNI).

Send the completed form with a copy of a valid passport or ID card to gemeente Leiden.

Your data will be adjusted in the RNI within 4 weeks. You can register your new address for free. 

Come to the desk

If you cannot or do not want to arrange this online, make an appointment to come to the desk in the Municipal Office. If you are calling from the Netherlands, call 14 071 for an appointment. If you are calling from abroad, call: +31 71 516 51 65.