Registering as a non-resident in the Netherlands (RNI)

If you do not live in the Netherlands but have a relationship with the Dutch government, you are a non-resident. This may include cross-border workers, seasonal workers, foreign students, or individuals receiving a pension from the Netherlands while residing abroad.

If you are a non-resident or staying in the Netherlands for a maximum of 4 months, you can register with the Non-Residents Register (RNI). You can register at one of the 19 municipalities with an RNI desk, and you can choose the municipality where you want to do this. Upon registration, you will receive a Citizen Service Number (BSN).


  • You are in the Netherlands for 4 months or less for work or study.
  • If you plan to stay longer than 4 months in the Netherlands, you should register with the municipality where you live or intend to live.
  • Children under 16 years old can only register in the RNI together with a parent, guardian, or caregiver. Bring an original birth certificate or an extract (in English or multilingual).

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Register in the RNI in Leiden

Through the government website, you can fill out the registration form online in advance. You will then receive a personal QR code. Bring this QR code with you to the appointment.

Bring to the appointment

  • Passport or ID card (not a driver’s license).
  • Your personal QR code received after completing the non-resident registration form.

Due to busy times at the RNI office in Leiden, it may not always be possible to schedule an appointment. However, you can try to make an appointment at another RNI municipality. It is, in any case, not worthwhile to attempt making an appointment over the phone.

How long will it take?

You will be immediately added to the non-resident register, and you will receive your Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer) right away.


Free of charge