Parking ticket

You receive a parking ticket by the municipality of Leiden if you fail to pay at the ticket machine or if you do not have the correct parking permit. You may appeal against the parking ticket.

Make sure that you don’t get a parking ticket:

  • Paying at the ticket machine? Enter the right number plate.
  • Do you have a parking permit? Make sure that the municipality knows the right number plate.

A parking ticket is also called a penalty charge notice (naheffingsaanslag parkeerbelastingen). With the parking ticket, you also pay the parking charge which you should have paid to park your car. The traffic warden places the ticket on your car’s windscreen.

Are you the owner of the car? In a few days’ time, you will then receive the ‘duplicaat naheffingsaanslag parkeerbelastingen’ (duplicate penalty charge notice). This notice includes a date: the ‘dagtekening’ (date of notification). You must pay within 30 days of this date. Does your car have a foreign registration? You will receive a charge notice after 1 to 3 months.

Do you have a lease car and do you receive a parking ticket? Check with your leasing company who pays the fine to the municipality.

You don’t agree with the parking ticket you received? In that case, submit an appeal within 6 weeks of the date of the notification. You do not need to pay the fine until you receive the decision about your appeal. Do you submit an objection between the 4th week and the 6th week after you have received a parking ticket? Then there is a possibility that you will receive a reminder. There are additional costs associated with this reminder. If, after the decision on your objection has been taken, you have to pay the parking ticket, you will also pay the reminder costs.

You can pay the parking fine by bank transfer to account NL57INGB0004207048 (BIC: INGBNL2A), account holder ‘gemeente Leiden, parkeren markt en water’ (municipality of Leiden, parking market and water). Also give the 16-digit payment reference and the number plate.​ Have you received a parking ticket and you want to remain in that place? You must then pay for the remaining time that you wish to park your car. Otherwise you may receive a 2nd parking ticket.

Paying at the desk for a parking ticket

You can only pay in person at the desk without making an appointment, on monday- and thursday from 8.30 am – 12.30 pm. You can also make an appointment to come to the desk. You can also call to make an appointment: +31 6 – 30 69 63 84.

What to bring

Bring 1 of these 2 documents with you:

  • the original parking ticket
  • the duplicate penalty charge notice

Have you parked where no one is allowed to park? Have you been speeding or gone through a red light? In that case, you will not receive a parking ticket but a traffic fine. A traffic fine is imposed for a traffic violation. You receive these traffic fines from the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) and not from the municipality. If you have received a traffic fine which you do not agree with, you may submit an appeal to the public prosecutor.

If you do not pay within 30 days, you will receive an ‘aanmaning parkeerbelastingen’ (demand for payment of penalty charge). If you still fail to pay, the municipality of Leiden will call in a bailiff. You will then also have to pay the costs of the bailiff.

For domestic license plates we work together with the bailiff’s office Cannock Chase Public. For foreign license plates, this is the bailiff’s office GGN.