Appeal against parking ticket

Have you received a parking ticket? And you don’t agree with this penalty charge? Appeal it with the municipality.

You are issued a parking ticket if you fail to pay at the parking pay station or if you do not have the correct parking permit. In your letter of appeal, you explain why you do not agree with the parking ticket (penalty charge notice). The municipality will then check why you were issued with the parking ticket.

Terms and conditions

In the letter about the parking ticket (‘duplicaat naheffingsaanslag parkeerbelastingen’) (‘duplicate penalty charge notice’), you will find a date (dagtekening). You must submit your appeal within 6 weeks of that date. You do not need to pay the fine until the municipality has taken a decision.

No parking ticket but traffic fine

Do you park in a place where no one is allowed to park? Are you speeding or running a red light? Then you will not receive a parking ticket but a traffic fine. A traffic fine is imposed in the event of a traffic violation. You will receive these traffic fines from the Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau and not from the municipality.

If you have received a traffic fine, and you do not agree with it, you can lodge an objection with the public prosecutor.

Submit an appeal

Appeal online

Submit an appeal using the contact form

Do you want to submit your appeal online, but don’t you have a DigiD code? You can then use the contact form. Fill out the contact form. Please add:

  • Your appeal. The appeal contains the reasons for your objections, your signature, and the date of signature.
  • A copy of the parking ticket, including the assessment number (aanslagnummer).
  • A copy of your identity document.

Appeal in writing

You may also appeal in writing.
In your appeal, include:

  • Your name and address.
  • Signature and date.
  • The parking ticket assessment number (aanslagnummer).
  • The reason you are appealing.

Send your appeal to:

Municipality of Leiden
Director of Public Affairs, Enforcement & Security
PO Box 495
2300 AL Leiden

How long will it take?

The municipality will take a decision about your appeal as soon as possible. This decision will definitely be taken by the end of the calendar year.

What happens if you submit your appeal during the last 6 weeks of the calendar year? You will then receive a decision by 15 February of the new year. The municipality may extend this period by 6 weeks.