Information in the Personal Records Database (BRP)

The BRP contains information about the inhabitants of Leiden. For example, their names, dates of birth and citizen service numbers. You can go online to see how you are registered in the BRP or visit the municipality of Leiden to view the data. A number of organisations are allowed to view and use your data in the BRP.

However, not all organisations may access your data. Go to the Dutch Government’s website to see which organisations may view your data.

Viewing your data

On the MijnOverheid website, you can view your data free of charge whenever you wish. You can also view the data of your under-age children. Log on with your DigiD code.

Do you want to view somebody else’s details in the BRP? You can only do that if you have written authorisation from that person.

Would you prefer to do this in person? Then you should make a counter appointment. Call the Dutch telephone number +31 – 71 5 16 51 65 for an appointment.

Take the following documents with you

  • identity document
  • a written request stating why you want the BRP data

You can view the BRP data free of charge. If you want an extract of the data, you must pay for it. Citizens and companies pay a fixed price for an extract. 

  • Companies such as law firms and notaries can also ask to see information stored in the BRP. In such cases, privacy is important. The Personal Data Protection Act applies in such cases and the municipality of Leiden also has an additional regulation for data in the BRP.
  • The municipality supplies only standard personal data, such as a person’s name, date of birth, address, town or city and date of death, where relevant.
  • The municipality does not supply the data of people who have requested confidentiality of personal data. However, the police, the Department of Justice and the tax authorities are always supplied with this data when they ask for it.
  • Personal data cannot be supplied over the telephone.

Do you want to submit an application? Use the contact form or send a written request to the municipality, addressed to BRP/Burgerzaken.

Has your request for information in the BRP been rejected? Then you can file an appeal.