Bicycle parking

Get your bike out of storage on time

Has your bike been parked for a long time – since Covid – in one of the bicycle parking facilities around Leiden Central Station? Then you have until Friday 17 June to remove it. After that, the municipality removes these bicycles to make room in the parking facilities. For the other bicycles, the maximum storage period of 14 days applies again from 1 June.

A lot of people use their bike in Leiden. Quite good as this keeps the city accessible and the air clean. The municipality invests in parking facilities for bikes.

The public racks and parking facilities for bicycles are free of charge. Some are under supervision. Around Leiden Central Station, Bike removed applies: bicycles will be removed if they are not parked in the racks. On Saturday there will be pop-up bike parking facilities available in the city centre. They will be removed in the evening.

Image of bicycle shed Lorentz with on the right a man who comes to park his outdoor model bicycle.