Residents parking permit zone C

Do you live in an area with paid parking? Then you can apply for a resident's parking permit. This resident's parking permit is linked to the vehicle registration number of your car, motorcycle or motorized quadricycle.

Zone C

The districts Hoge Mors, Boshuizen, Fortuinwijk, Vlietpoort and the Vlietzone, Oostvliet, Klein Cronestein and Meerburg form zone C:

  • Paid parking Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm.

Zone C consists of four parking permit zones:

  • Zone C1 Hoge Mors
  • Zone C2 Boshuizen en Fortuinwijk
  • Zone C3 Vlietpoort en de Vlietzone, Oostvliet en Klein Cronestein
  • Zone C4 Meerburg

Please note: your parking permit is only valid in your own parking permit zone.
You can currently apply for a parking permit for zones C1 and C2. Zone C3 and C4 will follow in june 2024. More information can be found here:

Check the map to find out in which zone you live or look for your street in the list of streets (pdf, 6,64 mb).

General conditions

  • You are registered in the Personal Records Database in zones C1 or C2 for which permit you are applying. 
    Important: in case you moved to a new address lately, it is possible that you cannot apply for a permit right away.
  • The maximum number of parking permits has not yet been granted at the address where you are registered. A maximum of 2 permits applies to zones C1 and C2. Until 1 January 2026, you can use a temporary third-party parking permit.
  • You live in an independent residence (you do not share the kitchen or bathroom).
  • The registration number of your car, motorcycle or motorized quadricycle is registered in your name or you make use of a lease car.
  • Your vehicle is not more than 6 meters long and not higher than 2.4 meters.
  • Your vehicle is not registered with the RDW as a camper.
  • You are not registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP), but you can prove that you work (are = connected economically) and live in Leiden.  In that case you can apply for maximum of one residents parking permit per address.

On what basis can’t you get a residents parking  permit  

In case of new build, functionally changed, converted houses for multiple occupations and split housing units you are not entitled to a residents- visitors-  and car sharing parking permit. This applies to houses which are built or will be built after June 3, 2021.

Do you want to know if you can apply for a parking permit? Please contact the municipality via 14071, choice 3.