I am looking for a parking place

In Leiden you can choose between street parking and parking in one of the parking garages. View the city map with information on zones and tariffs, and the location of the parking garages. Or take your bike and park for free.

Parking garages and parking areas

Leiden has a low traffic city centre.  In and around the city centre you can find a couple of parking garages and -areas. View the city map or the link Visit Leiden to find all options. You can make a reservation for a parking place in advance via Reserveer & Parkeer. You can also choose a subscription in one of the municipal parking garages.

Parking in the parking garage is cheaper than street parking.

Street parking

In general paid parking is applied in a large part of Leiden. The days, hours and tariffs of paid parking differ per zone. You can pay at the nearest parking machine or via mobile parking. There are also different parking tickets and parking licences available.

Do you want to know whether paid parking applies to your street? View de straatnamenlijst (pdf, 4,61 mb).

Note: In the spring of 2022 parking in the city centre of Leiden will exclusively be available for license holders only, with an exception for short parking (max. 2 hours) at a couple of locations. Visitors who come by car can park in one of the parking garages. Read more on the project page.

Parking of touring cars, large vehicles and caravans

Special rules and locations apply to the parking of touring cars and large vehicles. For parking a caravan in the street there also are special rules applicable.