Visitor's parking permit

Do you live in an area with paid parking? Then you can use a digital visitors parking permit to pay for your visitors parking charge. Your visitor doesn’t have to pay at the ticket machine. You can check your visitor in and out.

You need to buy a visitors parking permit only once. You will receive 20 hours parking credit right away. You can buy more hours at a later date. In most cases it is cheaper to park with the digital visitors parking permit.

Zone A, B and C

The paid parking areas are divided into zones.

  • Zone A; city centre
  • Zone B: neighbourhoods around the city centre
  • Zone C: the districts Hoge Mors, Boshuizen, Fortuinwijk, Vlietpoort (en de Vlietzone), Oostvliet, Klein Cronestein en Meerburg

Check the map to find out in which zone you live or look up your street in the list of streets (pdf, 4,95 mb).

Your digital visitors permit is valid:

  • For the car, motor or motorised quadricycle with the register number you have given on line
  • At all parking machines in the parking permit zone you live in and for which the permit is authorised
  • In zone A: at the permit holder places and on short parking locations. Note! At the red-cap machine a visitors parking permit is not valid.
  • In zone B: in all parking spaces.
  • In zone C: the visitor parking permit is only valid in the own parking permit zone. These are C1 or C2 (from 10 October). C3 and C4 will follow in early 2024. Note! At the red-cap machine a visitors parking permit is not valid.

Your visitors are not allowed to park in an auto date parking place.

Do you want to know when your visitors have to pay parking fees? Please visit the page for street parking.

Conditions when applying for a permit

You have to comply with the following conditions:

  • You are registered in Leiden’s Personal Records Database in the zone for which you are applying for the permit. Note: in case you moved to a new address lately, it is possible that you cannot apply for a permit yet.
  • You live in a self-contained accommodation (you don’t share a kitchen or bathroom).
  • For each address, you are entitled to a maximum of 1 visitors parking permit. Several visitors can park on 1 permit. In that case, you must have the vehicle registration numbers of your visitors (car, motorcycle, motorised quadricycle); you also must have enough parking credit.
  • As of 1 October 2019 you cannot get a visitors parking permit at some residential addresses

You do not need a car yourself in order to apply for a visitors parking permit.

On what basis can’t you get a visitors parking  permit 

  • In case of new-build or functional change of the building, residents have to park on their own ground. To avoid extra parking pressure in the area, (new) residents of new build, functionally changed, converted houses for multiple occupation and split housing units are not entitled to a residents-, visitors-  and car sharing parking permit. This applies to houses in zones A and B which are built or will be built after the 2nd October 2019. For zone C, this date is June 3, 2021.
  • In certain areas residents cannot get a residents- and visitors parking permit. This is the case at
    • Lammenschansdriehoek – the area that is bounded by the Lammenschansweg, the railway, the Kanaalweg and Plantijnstraat
    • The area of De Raad Vastgoed (Auction site)  - the area that is bounded by the Lammenschansweg, Abrikozenweg, Ananasweg and Perzikweg.

Do you want to know if you can apply for a parking permit? Please contact the municipality via 14071, choice 3.