Visitor's parking permit

Do you live in an area with paid parking? Then you can use a digital visitor's parking permit to pay for your visitor’s parking charge. Your visitor then doesn’t have to pay at the ticket machine. You must check your visitor in and out. In most cases, it is cheaper to park with the digital visitor's parking permit.

You only need to purchase a visitor's parking permit once. It will give you 20 hours of parking credit. You can purchase extra hours later.

Checking visitors in and out straight away

Do you already have a permit? Check in your visitor:

  • Check in your visitor as soon as he/she has parked. Use your visitor’s vehicle registration to do this.
  • You can register several visitors at the same time using their vehicle registrations.
  • Check out your visitor’s vehicle registration after he/she leaves.
  • You pay for every minute that your visitor is parked.
  • Traffic wardens can scan vehicle registrations to check whether people have paid.

Check visitor in and out

You can also check your visitors in and out by phone. To do this, call 071 516 72 72 and state the vehicle registration number.

Conditions when applying for a permit

Your digital visitor's parking permit is valid:

  • for the car, motorcycle or motorised quadricycle with the vehicle registration that you specified online
  • at all ticket machines in the zone for which the permit has been granted
  • in Zone A: also at the parking spaces for permit holders

Your visitor may not park the car in an autodate parking space.

You must comply with the following conditions:

  • You are registered in Leiden’s Personal Records Database in the zone (Zone A or Zone B) [pdf Straatnamenlijst uitbreiding betaald parkeren (List of streets expansion paid parking)] for which you are applying for the permit.
  • You live in self-contained accommodation (you don’t share a kitchen or bathroom).
  • For each address, you are entitled to a maximum of 1 visitor's parking permit. Several visitors can park using 1 permit. In that case, you must have the vehicle registration numbers of your visitors (car, motorcycle, motorised quadricycle); you must also have bought enough parking credit.

You don’t need to own a car to be eligible for a visitor's parking permit.