Notification of relocation abroad

Are you going to spend 8 months or longer in a year living abroad? Notify the municipality of Leiden about your relocation.

Terms and conditions

Who can notify the municipality about an emigration?

  • anyone who is aged 16 or older
  • parents, guardians or carers of children under the age of 16
  • parents for their adult child or children living at home. Only if the parents and children living at home are relocating abroad together
  • cohabiting spouses or registered partners for each other. Only if spouses and partners are relocating abroad together
  • adult children for co-residing parent(s). Only if adult children and co-residing parent(s) are relocating abroad together
  • the guardian for a person who is placed under guardianship.

Notification of relocation abroad by an authorised person is not possible.

When do you need to come to the municipal office in person to give notification of emigration?

  • come to the municipal office if not all the family members at your address are relocating abroad
  • come to the municipal office if you are moving to Aruba, Curacao, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten or Saba. In that case, you need proof of deregistration.