Bike removed

In order to keep the bicycle parking places and the station area easily accessible, you have to park your bike in the racks. It is not allowed to park your bike at the same spot for too long and it may not cause dangerous situations. The municipality will remove bikes which are parked too long or incorrectly. These bikes will be temporarily kept in a bicycle depot.

Wrongly parked bikes (fiets fout)

In the station area, your bike has to be parked in the racks. Bicycles which are parked outside the racks for more than one hour will be removed. The signs with the text ‘fiets fout = fiets weg' point that out.

View the map (jpg, 173 kb) with all parking places and the area where wrongly parked bikes will be removed.

Bikes removed from pop-up bike shed

Was your bicycle parked on Saturday in the pop-up bicycle shed on the Nieuwe Rijn, Steenschuur or Lange Mare, and were you too late to pick it up? If the bike was locked and not secured to the rack, your bike is parked nearby. Was your bike secured to the bike rack? Please contact the municipality via the contact form or by telephone on 14071.

Abandoned bikes

The maximum parking term is two weeks and valid for all parking places in the station area. If your bike is parked for more than two weeks in a row at the same spot, your bike will be removed by the municipality.

Bicycle wrecks

A bicycle which is in such a bad condition that you cannot cycle on it, can be labelled as a bicycle wreck. From 1 August 2022, the municipality will immediately remove wreck bikes, they will no longer be labelled. The wreck bikes are then destroyed. 

Collect your bike from the depot

Bicycles which the municipality removes from the station area, are photographed and brought to the bicycle depot (at Willem Barentzstraat 20). The bikes will be stored for a maximum of 42 days. After that, the bikes are refurbished by "Het Warenhuis" and sold again, or picked up by the ironmonger. The proceeds are used, among other things, to finance the maintenance of bicycle parking.  

Is your bicycle removed or lost? Via the website van Verloren of gevonden you can find pictures of removed bikes. It takes 24 hours maximum before the removed bikes are placed on the website.

Are you going to collect your bike? Please bring:

  • A valid identification
  • The key of your lock
  • Your debit card (You pay € 26,- when collecting your bike)