House rules

The Leiden municipality considers it of the utmost importance that you are received in an environment of respect, hospitality, and safety. You can expect the municipal government employees to treat you with respect. In return, the municipal government expects you to treat its employees with respect and that you respect the house rules.

For visitors and customers

As a visitor of one of our buildings it is forbidden to:

  • Carry a blunt or edged weapon, or a firearm.
  • Use physical force, such as kicking, spitting, hitting, throwing objects, grabbing people, pinching and pulling a person’s hair.
  • Enter with a pet, with the exception of a service dog.
  • Smoke, or consume alcohol or narcotics. Intoxicated individuals will not be heard and instead requested to leave the building.
  • Raise your voice or use offensive language.
  • Make threats. Any threats will result in a reprimand, either verbal or in writing.
  • Use discriminating or coarse language.
  • Throw objects or cause damage in other ways.
  • Make visual recordings without prior (written) permission.

The municipal government also asks you to abstain from:

  • Making loud phone calls in the reception areas.
  • Making any phone calls while standing at a desk.
  • Riding around on (roller) skates, skateboards, or scooters. This also applies to your children.

If you are in contact with an employee of the municipal government outside the municipal building? If so, violence, threats, and intimidation are still unacceptable.

Camera surveillance

The municipal government watches over the compliance with the house rules. One of the ways this is done is through surveillance cameras. These cameras are used in line with the privacy law. If cameras are present in an area of a building the municipal government will communicate this through signs and pictographs.


The Leiden municipality will address you if you violate the house rules or cause nuisances in another way. If you do not follow the instructions proviced to you by the employees and display aggressive behaviour the municipal government could:

  • Refuse to address you further and request that you leave the building.
  • Provide you with a written warning, either in person or via mail.
  • Deny you access to municipal buildings for a certain amount of time. This can happen if you cause nuisances repeatedly.
  • Withhold part of your benefits.
  • Temporarily withhold services.
  • A combination of the above measures.

In cases of threats, physical violence or material damage the municipal government will always file a police report. They will process these reports. The offender will be held liable for any costs and damages.