Waste collection schedule

The collection schedule for waste determines on which day of the week residual waste and organic waste are collected in your neighbourhood.

Consult the map to see in which neighbourhood you live, or refer to the overview of waste retrieval areas on this page.

Waste collecting areas and collection days:

Rules for supplying your waste for collection:

  • Place your container on the side of the road before 7.00 on the day of retrieval (not the day before retrieval).
  • The container should be placed on the right side of the road, with the front facing the road.
  • The container should not weigh more than 60 kilograms.
  • Retrieve your empty container at your earliest convenience, before 21.00 at the latest.
  • Do not put any waste next to the container. You will risk a fine and this waste will not be collected.
  • Keep the lid of your container closed to prevent cats or seagulls from getting into the container.
  • Park your car in such a way that the garbage trucks have proper access to the containers.

Waste containers are municipal property. Has your container been damaged or gone missing? Request a new one.

Collection during the holidays

  • Friday, April 19th (Good Friday): waste retrieved according to schedule for area E.
  • Monday, April 22th (Easter Monday): waste retrieved on Saturday April 20th (NB: earlier retrieval)
  • Thursday May 30th (Ascension Day): waste retrieved on Saturday June 1st for area F.
  • Monday June 10th (Whit Monday): waste retrieved on Saturday June 15th for area D.
  • Thursday October 3rd (Relief of Leiden): waste retrieved on Saturday October 5th for area F.
  • Wednesday December 25th (Christmas Day): waste retrieval on Saturday December 21st for areas A and B (NB: earlier retrieval)
  • Thursday December 26th (Boxing Day): waste retrieval on Saturday December 28th for area F.
  • Wednesday January 1st (New Year's Day): waste retrieval on Saturday January 4th for areas A and B.

Colour of the containers

Old containers will not be replaced unless they are damaged. Because the new containers have a different colour some confusion may arise.

The containers have the following colours:

  • Organic waste containers: the old containers are brown, the new containers are grey with a green lid.
  • Residual waste containers: the old containers are green, the new containers are grey.