Voting for the European Parliament as a non-Dutch citizen

Do you live in the Netherlands, are you not Dutch and do you have the citenzenship of another member state of the European Union (EU)? Then you can choose to vote in the Netherlands for the Dutch members of the European Parliament. In order to vote, you must register with your municipality.

How does it work?

You can decide yourself in which EU country you vote in the European Parliament elections: either in the Netherlands (the EU country where you live) or in the EU country of which you are a citizen. You have to choose, voting twice is not allowed.

You can register to vote in the Netherlands for the elections of the Dutch members of the European Parliament. Do you change your mind after registration? If so, you can withdraw your previous registration at any time.

Voting in the Netherlands

Please note:

  • Have you previously registered as a voter in the Netherlands for a previous European Parliament election? If so, you do not have to register again.
  • Do you (also) have Dutch citizenship, are you 18 years or older and do you live in Leiden? Then you do not need to fill in a form. You are automatically registered as a voter.


  • You have the citizenship of an EU country
  • You are 18 years or older
  • You live in Leiden
  • You are not excluded from the right to vote.

To register

Fill in the form 'Declaration voting European Parliament (model Y-32)' below and attach a copy of your valid ID.

Your municipality will decide within 7 days whether you can vote in the Netherlands. To prevent voters from voting twice, data is compared with that of other EU member states. You will then receive your voting card a few weeks before the election.

Declaration voting European Parliament

Voting in your own country

Do you want to vote in the EU country of which you are a citizen? Then you must indicate in that country that you want to vote as a voter abroad. You do not have to report anything to the municipality of Leiden.

Have you previously registered for the European elections in the Netherlands, but do you still want to vote in the EU country of which you are a citizen? You can withdraw your previous registration. Please contact the municipality for this. 

Register in time for the upcoming elections

You can register at any time. If you want to be in time for the upcoming elections, your registration must be received by the municipality of Leiden no later than 44 days before election day.


 Registration is free.