Municipal recycling facility

As a resident of Leiden, you can hand in waste at the Municipal recycling facility. Make an appointment first if you come by car. Pedestrians and cyclists can go without an appointment.


  • Bring valid proof of identity (passport, ID card or driver's license).
  • You can turn in a maximum amount of 2.000 kilograms of waste a year.

Use of the the Municipal recycling facility is for residents only. Waste generated by businesses is to be retrieved by a private waste retrieval company.

Types of appointments

Standard (approximately 15 minutes)

Choose the 15 minute appointment if you come by car, or if you come by van with only a few pieces of waste.

Extensive (approximately 30 minutes)

Choose this option if you come with a car with a trailer or a van (possibly with a trailer) with many different materials.

Make an appointment

TIP: Sort your waste by waste type before you take it away. This makes it a lot easier for yourself and others on the Municipal recycling facility.

You can go to the Municipal recycling facility with almost all types of waste:

You cannot go to the Municipal recycling facility with:

  • Asbestos. You can return this free of charge to Van Diemen in Leiden by appointment.
  • Reusable items and (working or broken) electrical appliances. Go to thrift store Het Warenhuis for this.
  • Sand, garden soil and soil. It is best to hire a private company for this.