Municipal recycling facility

At the municipal recycling facility (Milieustraat), located at the J.C. De Rijpstraat 11, residents of Leiden can turn in waste. If you are delivering waste you are required to supply a form of ID.


  • You can identify yourself as a resident of Leiden.
  • You can turn in a maximum amount of 2.000 kilograms of waste a year.

Use of the the municipal waste facility is for residents only. Waste generated by businesses is to be retrieved by a private waste retrieval company.

Make an appointment for the municipal recycling facility

You can now make an appointment to come to the municipal recycling facility. This is mandatory from 1 February 2023!

You can choose an appointment of 10 minutes if you come on foot or by bike or of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minutes if you come by car or van. Choose the right time based on the amount of waste you are bringing.

TIP: sort your waste by waste type before you take it away. This makes it a lot easier for yourself and others on the Milieustraat. See 'Turning in waste' which types of waste you can take to the Milieustraat.

Make an appointment

The Municipal recycling centre is closed on most public holidays. The Milieustraat will be open on 5 May.

What can you hand in?


Asbestos is a highly dangerous material that is no longer allowed to be used in construction in The Netherlands. If you still have asbestos in your building it's recommended to have it removed by a certified professional asbestos removal company. Use this site for compagnies in your area (in Dutch).

Any removal of asbestos should be reported at the omgevingsloket (in Dutch), at least four weeks in advance.

You can also hand in asbestos free of charge to Van Diemen in Leiden by appointment. Check their website (in Dutch) for the conditions.