Texting the municipality via WhatsApp

WhatsApp messages will be answered on working days between 9.00 and 17.00 hours. We will do our utmost to respond within two hours at the latest. WhatsApp is meant to be used for short and clear questions.

For more complicated questions, like policy matters, applications for products or questions containing privacy-sensitive information, we are glad to answer those by phone or via e-mail.

This is how it works

  • Add telephone number 06- 14 45 93 75 to your contacts list in order to send a message via WhatsApp to the municipality.
  • Our WhatsApp number cannot be used to phone or SMS the municipality or added to a group discussion.
  • You should never send privacy-sensitive information like your citizen service number (BSN) or number of your bank account via WhatsApp. The municipality never asks nor sends privacy-sensitive information via WhatsApp. In case such information needs to be exchanged, you can use the contact form (form in Dutch). You will find more details on how the municipality carefully deals with your personal data in our privacy declaration.
  • In case you want to report on issues concerning the public space, please use the relevant form online (form in Dutch). You will receive feedback on your notification via e-mail.