Live chat with the municipality

If an employee is available, a live chat option will pop up on the page you visit. Have you asked a question via chat? Please wait at least 30 seconds for a response.

What can or cannot be done via a live chat?

Questions that we cannot or are not allowed to address via live chat include policy questions, product requests or questions that require privacy-sensitive information. We are glad to answer those or other complicated questions by phone or via e-mail. You cannot make an appointment with the municipality via a live chat.

This is how it works

  • A live chat option will pop up on the page you visit.
  • Ask your question via the chat
  • You should never send privacy-sensitive information like your citizen service number (BSN) or number of your bank account via WhatsApp. The municipality never asks nor sends privacy-sensitive information via WhatsApp. In case such information needs to be exchanged, you can use the contact form (form in Dutch). You will find more details on how the municipality carefully deals with your personal data in our privacy declaration (in Dutch).
  • In case you want to report on issues concerning the public space, please use the relevant form online (form in Dutch). You will receive feedback on your notification via e-mail.