Acquiring Dutch citizenship through an option

Are you an immigrant or the child of an immigrant? And do you not currently hold Dutch citizenship? If so, it's possible to acquire Dutch citizenship through option. You will be given the same rights and duties as citizens of The Netherlands. If you live in the municipality of Leiden or Noordwijk you can file a request with the municipality of Leiden.

You can find explanations, exceptions and examples on the website of the Immigration en Naturalisation Service (IND).

Filing a request

Do you live in Leiden or Noordwijk and do you want to become a Dutch national through option? You can file a digital request to the municipality of Leiden.

Request becoming a Dutch national through option

Did you upload all documents with your request? Then we will make a personal appointment with you.

Did you not upload all documents? Then we will contact you and tell you which documents you still have to send.

The appointment at the Stadskantoor

During the meeting at the Stadskantoor we will discuss your request.

  1. Do you want to make a ‘declaration of solidarity’? If so, then you have to file a request to become a Dutch national. You will have to pay for this request.
  2. The municipality will make a decision on your request within 13 weeks. We can extend this term only once with 13 weeks.  

The naturalisation ceremony

You will only become a Dutch national if you attend the naturalisation ceremony. This meeting is a legal requirement. During the naturalisation ceremony you will make a ‘declaration of solidarity’.

The municipality will invite you to attend the naturalisation ceremony.

Do you live in Noordwijk? In that case you will receive an invitation from the municipality of Noordwijk to attend the naturalisation ceremony.

How long does it take?

Within 13 weeks the municipality will make a decision based on your request. It is possible that the procedure will be extended by another 13 times, for 1 time only.