Leiden as an international society, new policy for internationalisation

Leiden has become an increasingly globalised society. The last few years show an increase of diverse groups of Internationals : knowledge workers, migrant workers, international students and refugees. In fact, 12 percent of the population in Leiden has a foreign nationality. For the municipality of Leiden, it means  that there is a need to take a different approach in several areas. This includes improving the services to international inhabitants and adapting a stimulating and facilitating role in the quality of working and living for the international in Leiden.

Internationalisation policy

On the 17th of September 2020, the citycouncil of Leiden adopted the new internationalisation policy.

In the coming years the municipality of Leiden wants to:

  • Include the international in the Leiden society and to stimulate the exchange between locals and internationals.
  • Capitalise on opportunities with respect to internationalisation for the city and its partners.
  • Work together with the partners in the city and the region to resolve problems.
  • Attract national and international talent to Leiden, based on our profile as city of international knowledge and historical Culture.

An implementation plan will be drawn up for these goals, in which prioritisation and actions are formulated.

Monitor Internationalisation

In response to the Internationalisation policy, Leiden in Cijfers recently published the Monitor Internationalisation (in Dutch) with figures about the internationals in Leiden. For instance, the monitor gives an insight in the departure and settlement of internationals in Leiden, their living and family situation. The purpose of this monitor is to help policy advisors, administrators and partners of the city of Leiden with the implementation of the Internationalisation policy. With knowledge about the Leidse international we can continue to work for a city including everybody, a city where everybody can participate.

More information

You can find an English summary and the complete Internationalisation policy ( Dutch only) at the website of Leiden Kennisstad. www.leidenkennisstad.nl/portfolio-item/visie-internationalisering/  

For questions about living and working in Leiden, you can contact Expat Centre Leiden.