New Year’s Eve special Stadskrant

New Year’s Eve celebrations should be safe for everyone to enjoy. Please take each other, people, animals and nature, into consideration. On this page you will find information about New Year’s Eve celebrations in Leiden. We wish you a happy and safe start to the new year and a prosperous 2023!

Firework-free zones

There have been firework-free zones within Leiden since 2015-2016. Experience with firework-free zones in recent years has been positive.

Unsafe, illegal or improper use of fireworks leads to major safety risks during New Year’s Eve celebrations. In firework-free zones, fireworks cause less danger, damage and nuisance. 
Setting off fireworks is prohibited in a firework-free zone. Fireworks are banned in:

  • the city centre (the area within the canals),
  • all of Leiden’s parks,
  • publicly accessible areas around the Oostvlietpolder,
  • the petting zoo/park located to the west of Jacques Urlusplantsoen,
  • the area around Stevenshage animal shelter (Kenauweg).
  • and new this year: the Station district. That is the area between the railway and the Morssingel, Rijnsburgersingel and Haarlemmertrekvaart.

Setting off fireworks only allowed on 31 December between 18:00 and 02:00

Setting off fireworks in areas outside of the firework-free zones is only allowed on New Year’s Eve between 18:00 and 02:00 January 1st.

Banned fireworks

Setting off fireworks with category F4 printed on the label, is banned. Since this year, category F3 fireworks are also banned. The category can be found on the fireworks’ packaging. Some examples are: bangers (such as firecrackers), banging strands (such as Chinese mats), single-shot tubes, single rockets. Roman candles and baby arrows are also banned.

Fireworks that are allowed

On New Year’s Eve 2022-2023 it is allowed to set off category F1 and F2 fireworks such as sparklers and bang snaps (category F1) and cakes, compound boxes, glowing flowers and fountains (category F2).

Help cleaning up

Please help cleaning up the remains of your fireworks quickly. This prevents children playing with fireworks that can still go off. By cleaning up you also help Leiden make a clean and safe start in 2023.

Carbide shooting also banned

Together with the ban on fireworks, Leiden has also imposed a ban on ‘carbide shooting’. In view of the hazardous situations and serious local noise nuisance that it causes, carbide shooting is banned in Leiden.

Wish lantern

Wish lanterns are prohibited, because of their very high fire risk. They can easily be carried by the wind, for instance, and land in hazardous places.

A safe celebration

If you see someone ignoring the ban and setting off fireworks in your neighbourhood, or you think someone is in possession of powerful and illegal fireworks, you should inform the police immediately (0900-8844). You can also give information anonymously by calling M. (Meld Misdaad Anoniem; 0800-7000).

  • M. callers remain anonymous at all times:
    • your phone number or IP address is not visible;
    • M. does not record calls;
    • M. does not ask for the name, address or other personal details of the caller;
    • M. is an independent point of contact and is not the police.
  • Did you know you can report crimes online to Meld Misdaad Anoniem? This is how we guarantee your anonymity:
    • your report will be processed in a secure form;
    • M. only takes out the relevant information and sends it to the police and other investigation services;
    • the report form is destroyed after viewing. M. does not store any information.

More information about illegal fireworks – and fireworks in general – can be found on the website (ask the police; website in Dutch).

Enforcement during (fireworks) nuisance

Police and special investigating officers (BOAs; enforcers) have the possibility of imposing a so-called order for periodic penalty payment between 27 December 2022 and 6 January 2023 12:00 to persons causing nuisance.

In addition to a fine or referral to Halt, they can give the offender a letter which states why he or she receives the order for periodic penalty payment and what this means. The goal is to end the offence and prevent recurrence of the offence. If the offender doesn’t stop the disruptive and nuisance behaviour, he or she has to pay € 750. The order for periodic penalty payment is valid from the moment it is issued up to and including 6 January 12:00.

SOL activities

Baking winter cookies, glow in the dark mini golf, ice skating, kick boxing: there is plenty to do for children/young people this Christmas holiday! SOL organizes fun activities in various neighbourhoods in Leiden. There is something for everyone. Please check the website (in Dutch) and have a look at the programme for each neighbourhood.

National government campaign on fireworks rules

This year only corks will pop

With the campaign “This year only corks will pop” (in Dutch: ‘Dit jaar knallen alleen de kurken’), the national government explains the new fireworks rules. You can find tips and rules about what is and isn’t allowed to be set off on the following website (in Dutch). The campaign has been developed together with the police, the Public Prosecution Service, Association of Netherlands Municipalities and Ministries of Infrastructure and Water Management and Justice and Security.

Opening hours parking garages and bicycle parking

Parking around New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve the opening hours of the parking facilities for bicycles have been adjusted. Waag parking is open from 08:00 to 18:30 on December 31st. On the 1st of January, the Waag parking will be closed. On New Year’s Eve, the bike parking facilities at Leiden Central station will close earlier at 21:00. On Sunday the 1st of January the parking is open from 09:00 to 01:00. For more information, please go to

Are you coming by car? During New Year’s Eve the normal tariffs for paid parking apply. For street parking, please check the nearest parking pay station if you have to pay or check your parking app. On New Year’s Eve the municipal parking garages are open until 22:00. The municipal parking garages are:

  • Parking garage Garenmarkt
  • Parking garage Haarlemmerstraat
  • Parking garage Lammermarkt
  • Parking garage Morspoort
  • Parking garage Ringkade
  • Parking garage Soestdijkkade

You can still exit the parking garage after 22:00.