Letter to residents of fireworks-free zones

Dear residents,

You are receiving this card because you live in a firework-free zone.

For New Year’s Eve this year, Leiden city centre and the Station district have been designated as firework-free zones. The following areas have been firework-free zones for many years: Leiden’s parks, publicly accessible areas around the Oostvlietpolder, the petting zoo/park located to the west of Jacques Urlusplantsoen and the area around Stevenshage animal shelter (Kenauweg). Experience with firework-free zones in recent years has been positive.

Why have we introduced firework-free zones?

By creating firework-free zones, we are protecting people, animals and nature. Fireworks harm animals in many ways; they frighten animals, arouse panic and even cause injuries. And, unfortunately, adults and children are also injured in serious accidents every year. In firework-free zones, fireworks pose much less of a risk and cause less damage and nuisance, which is why we are now expanding these zones and intend to make the whole city firework-free in the future. Let us all be considerate of one another and have an enjoyable evening.

I wish you a happy and safe start to the new year and a prosperous 2023,

Henri Lenferink