Registering a birth

Have you had a baby? Register the birth at the municipality on time. You can register your child online or make an appointment.

By registering your child, you officially record the name of the child.

After registration we will issue a birth certificate. We will register your child in the Personal Records Database (BRP).

You have to register the birth within 3 working days. Under the heading ‘Register your child on time’ you can find more information.

Registration online  

Do you want to register the birth online? This is only possible if you meet these two conditions:

  • Your child was born at the LUMC.
  • At least one of the parents has the Dutch nationality.

More information on what you need to register online under the heading ‘Registration online’.

Who can register online?

Are you not married or registered partners? And your child has not been acknowledged by the other parent before birth? In this case only the mother can register the birth online. The child will have the mother’s surname.

Are you not married or registered partners? And your child has been acknowledged by the other parent before birth? In this case the other parent can register the birth online. Both the mother and the other parent have to log in. You have to send us the certificate of acknowledgement as an attachment. You can choose which surname the child will have: the mother’s or the other parent’s surname. You will make this choice when your first child out of this relationship is born. If you have more children out of this same relationship, they will have the same surname.

Arrange acknowledgement

You can arrange acknowledgement of the child at a later date using the form ‘erkenning’.

Do you want to arrange acknowledgement right away? Please make an appointment to visit the service desk at the Stadskantoor.

Double surnames

At this moment it is impossible to give your child it’s mother’s and the other parent’s surnames. There is a legislative proposal to allow double surnames. More information on the website of the Rijksoverheid.