Refugees and asylum seekers

Are you a refugee or asylum seeker? If so, finding your way in The Netherlands can be difficult. The municipality of Leiden can help those with a refugee status to integrate into Dutch society.

Refugees from Ukraine

Many Ukrainian refugees are seeking shelter in Europe. And therefore also in the Netherlands. Leiden helps with the reception of refugees from Ukraine. For more information, visit Hulp voor Oekraïne.

Requesting asylum

Do you wish to request asylum? Or do you wish to become a Dutch citizen? If so, report to the Immigration and Naturalisation service (IND). The IND handles your asylum procedure, and may assign a residency permit or reject a request for asylum.

Refugee housing

The Central Organ Asylum seekers (COA) is responsible for housing asylum seekers in The Netherlands, including in the Leiden municipality.


Do you reside in the Netherlands and do you have a refugee status? If so, you are required to integrate. You will be provided with Dutch language classes and lessons on Dutch society. You will have 3 years to complete the courses. Afterwards an exam will be required.