On-street parking: zones and tariffs

In parts of Leiden, you need to pay if you want to park on the street. This is in the centre (zone A) and in the districts surrounding the centre (zones B1 and B2).

The amount you need to pay depends on the zone and the parking time. Check on the map to find out which zone you live in or search the list of streets (pdf, 4,61 mb).

Pay at the parking pay station

Pay at the nearest parking pay station and enter your number plate. You will not receive a paper ticket to place in the car. The traffic warden scans your number plate and knows that you have paid.

The machine shows the tariffs and the times when you must pay to park. The times are also shown on the traffic signs. Normal tariffs and times apply on national holidays. At the machine, you can buy a day ticket or pay by hour. On the Municipal Map, you can search per parking zone for parking pay stations near you.

You can pay by:

  • cash
  • card (debit or credit card with pin, Maestro or V PAY). Contactless payments are also possible.
    Note: credit cards with the Visa card or Master card logo are not accepted.

Mobile parking is possible in Leiden via all service providers. Switch the parking time on and off using a parking app, the Internet or by calling the provider of mobile parking. You will find the zone number for mobile parking on the cover of the parking pay station, the parking signs and on the information signs in zone B.

Tip: business owners can also pay for customers with mobile parking.

Don't want to pay at the machine by the minute? Buy a day ticket, week ticket, month ticket or year ticket or apply for a parking permit.