18/6/20 Where is the Leiden market located?

Due to the corona measures, the Leiden market can temporarily be found in several places in the city.

Food market

Wednesday market: squares at Beestenmarkt and Lammermarkt 

Saturday market: squares at Beestenmarkt and Lammermarkt, the Nieuwe Beestenmarkt and the 2nd Binnenvestgracht

Non-food market       

Wednesday market: Vismarkt and Aalmarkt

Saturday market: Vismarkt, Aalmarkt en de Koornbeurssteeg. 

You can find a list with market stalls and their merchandise at the various market locations via this link.

The municipality finds it important to have a proper market in the city centre now and in the future. The market will eventually return to her former location around the Nieuwe Rijn when no more corona measures are needed.