15/7/20 Are you going on holiday soon? Read these tips!

Travel wisely

Are you going on a holiday? Be well informed and travel wisely. Avoid nasty surprises and before you leave, check the travel advice for that country on netherlandsworldwide.nl. You can also download the Travel app of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so that you are well informed about the situation and the current rules on your destination. Wherever you are in the world you should keep to the basic rules: Physical complaints? Stay at home and get tested, keep your distance, keep away from the hustle and bustle and wash your hands frequently.

Apply for a passport or identity card in time

Do you intend to go on holiday soon? If you travel abroad, you will need a valid identification. This may be a Dutch Identity card (only valid in Europe) or a passport. During the holidays (up to the beginning of September) it may take longer than a week before you can visit the Stadskantoor. So do not wait too long with making an appointment for requesting a new passport or a new Dutch identity card: Nederlandse identiteitskaart.

Travelling with minors

Are you travelling abroad on your own with a minor child shortly? At a border control you need to prove that you have permission from the other parent. You also need permission when you travel with a minor not being your child. On the website van de Rijksoverheid you can find more information and download the right form. You can also apply for an international excerpt at the municipality. In order to make an appointment, call 14 071.