12/3/2020 Announcement additional measures

12/3/20 - Announcement additional measures

On Thursday, March 12, the Cabinet announced additional measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) as far as possible. This has major consequences for everyone, but the measures are essential. The municipality of Leiden is asking everyone to comply.

The national measures taken to prevent spread of the new coronavirus are also affecting the Municipality of Leiden’s service provision. 

Do you have an appointment at one of the Municipality’s counters?

The government’s measures mean that from Friday, March 13, the Municipality’s counters for civil affairs will only handle appointments that can’t wait. For example: registering a birth or death. If your appointment cannot be kept, you will be contacted so we can cancel your appointment. We shall approach you, so you do not have to call us.

If you are suffering from a cold, coughing or fever and have an appointment at the Municipality, please reschedule it for a later date.

For the moment, the other services provided by the Municipality of Leiden are continuing as usual. Please take into account that it may take longer.

  • Do you have a question for the Municipality? Please contact us using the contact form.
  • If your question is urgent, you can also call telephone number 14 071. Please take into account that you may be put on hold for longer than usual.

If anything changes, we shall inform you through this website.

We hope for your understanding.