11/4/20 - Easter weekend and corona

Mayor Lenferink wants to pass a message for you: “Especially Easter is the weekend to go out.  Spending some time with family or friends, to go out sailing the first time this year or to go fun shopping at a construction market or furniture boulevard. This year we have to do this completely different. We can only get the coronavirus under control if we keep working together.
That is why you have to stay at home as much as possible, avoid busy places and do not undertake activities in groups.

So celebrate Easter this year just with your own family or housemates. Invite at the most 3 persons, but always keep 1,5 metres distance.

  • Avoid busy regional spots this Easter. Therefore please stay away from the flower fields’ area (Bollenstreek), the beaches and the dunes. These locations are closely monitored and when bottlenecks occur, action will be taken.
  • Also motor rides or cycling tours are not a good idea this year. Large groups will lead to bottlenecks on the smaller local roads, along the narrow polder roads or at the ferries. This will give significant pressure on the already limited space. So stay at home this year.
  • Do you want to go sailing? Then the same rules apply as those at home. Avoid contact with others than your own family and keep distance wherever possible. Do not look up the busy places. Give each other some space on the narrow mooring places and avoid the canals and other narrow rivers.
  • Easter is also renowned to visit furniture boulevards, garden centres and construction markets. These shops are open as usual, but conduct a door policy and accept a maximum number of visitors. For that reason it is important to go alone and to turn around and leave when it is too busy.

Only together we can get corona under control. These measures ask a lot of adaptation to all of us and will limit us in our yearly traditions. Especially at Easter. Together we will all have to continue our efforts in order to overcome this crisis as fast and as healthy as possible.”