01/09/21 End of support package for jobs and economy

With effect from 1 October, the government will discontinue the generic support measures that have helped the Dutch economy as much as possible through the coronavirus pandemic over the past 18 months. This means that the Emergency Measure for the Preservation of Jobs (NOW), Reimbursement of Fixed Costs (TVL), Temporary Emergency Measure for Self-employed Persons (Tozo), Temporary Support for Essential Costs (TONK) and various tax measures will not be extended beyond that date.

A number of specific support measures will remain in place in the fourth quarter, as will the additional measures aimed at retraining and economic adaptability. The government is working on a scheme for nightlife venues, which are expected to remain closed after 1 October.

Guarantee schemes

The coronavirus funding schemes KKC, Qredits bridging credit, BMKB-C and GO-C will remain in place throughout the rest of the year to continue facilitating market financing. Businesses in need of liquidity can make use of these schemes. The Events Guarantee Fund will also continue in the fourth quarter.


As previously announced, the possibility of requesting a tax deferral will end on 1 October.

A number of other tax measures implemented due to the pandemic will continue until 1 January 2022, such as the untaxed travel allowance and the payment freeze for mortgages. In addition, the Netherlands is consulting with Germany and Belgium to continue the agreements on the taxation of cross-border workers until 1 January 2022.

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