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The national measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are also affecting the services provided by the Municipality of Leiden. Please find below an FAQ answering various questions that residents, businesses and institutions have been asking the Municipality. This list will be updated regularly.

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Please find FAQ concerning the coronavirus on our special page for entrepeneurs.

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Do you have any other questions for the Municipality?

If you have any other questions you would like to ask the Municipality, please contact us using the contact form. If you have an urgent question, you can also phone us on 14 071. Please allow for a longer waiting period than usual to talk to one of our staff.

More information about the coronavirus

If you have questions about the coronavirus and are looking for information, visit the website of the Government of the Netherlands for the latest news about the virus. The website also gives information about what symptoms you may experience if you are infected and what to do if you think you or someone near you is infected.

If you prefer to speak to someone on the phone, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has a special telephone number that you can call to ask questions about the coronavirus: 0800-1351.

The Municipality is in contact with GGD Hollands Midden (Public Health Service) and Veiligheidsregio Hollands Midden and will update you where necessary.

  • 3/4/20 - Letter to the City Council

    The Municipal Executive (Mayor and aldermen) has sent a letter to the Leiden Municipal Council with the current situation of the developments in Leiden and the impact the corona measures have on our city.

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  • 3/4/20 - Emergency Regulation extended up to and including the 28th of April and extra measures for holiday makers

    In connection with the extended national measures, the Safety Region Hollands Midden has modified the Emergency Regulation. The prevailing 3rd Emergency Regulation has been expanded. In short the following measures are in force:

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  • 31/3/20 - Corona measures are extended up to and including the 28th of April

    The Government has announced to extend the corona measures in the Netherlands up to and including Tuesday the 28th of April.

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  • 26/3/20 - Safety regions sign third Emergency Regulation

    This tekst will be translated and will follow here in English shortly. | De voorzitter van de Veiligheidsregio Hollands Midden, burgemeester Lenferink, heeft vandaag de 3e noodverordening COVID-19 ondertekend. Met deze verordening wordt uitvoering gegeven aan...

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  • 23/3/20 - Stricter measures

    On Monday 23 March the government introduced additional measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak. Please find these measures by clicking below.

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  • 17/3/20 - Letter Mayor Lenferink to residents of Leiden

    Dear residents of Leiden, The coronavirus has a hold on us in Leiden as well. People have gotten sick. Some of them are seriously ill. Perhaps one is a family member or loved one of yours. We wish them a quick recovery. We are very concerned about the...

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  • 14/3/2020 Emergency order

    None of the municipalities in the region Hollands Midden allow gatherings of more than 100 persons at one location at the same time.

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  • 16/3/20 - Schools, childcare centres, catering establishments and sport clubs will be closed

    On Sunday, March 15, the Cabinet announced that primary and secondary schools, childcare centres, catering establishments and sport clubs will be closed through Monday, April 6, to prevent further spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) as far as possible.

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  • 12/3/2020 Announcement additional measures

    On Thursday, March 12, the Cabinet announced additional measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) as far as possible.

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