Verbeekstraat - corona test location (2020-349) Information in English

The municipal health authority (GGD) will open a corona test location at the Verbeekstraat soon. With this letter we would like to inform you what this will mean for you as a neighbour.

Corona test location

The corona-test street near the Alrijne hospital in Leiderdorp will leave. In order to have sufficient possibilities to test people on corona, the GGD has been looking for a new location. The GGD has signed an agreement with the owner of the facility at the Verbeekstraat (former office property of Jacobs) and rents the building till the 31st of July 2021 at the latest. This means that the facility will be functioning as a test location for a maximum period of 10 months.
In the coming period alterations will be executed in and around the building and a temporary signage will be placed. The removal from Leiderdorp to the Verbeekstraat will take place between 1and 12 October.

Practical information

The test street will be opened from Monday up to and including Sunday from 8.00 hours to 17.00 hours. Depending on the demand for corona tests, the times will be adjusted. Visitors who come by car, drive via the Verbeekstraat to the location, and will also leave via the Verbeekstraat. They drive directly into the garage underneath the building and walk via the stairs into the building, where the testing takes place. Cyclists and pedestrians enter the building via the main entrance at the Verbeekstraat.


The GGD has applied for an environmental licence in order to change the purpose of the building temporarily thus making it possible to set up the test location. The licence release will be published in the Stadskrant soon.
For further information concerning the licence we refer to the reporting in the Stadskrant and/or the digital announcement:

More information

If you want to have more information about the test location or if you have questions about the setup of the location, then you can contact Dorien de Kruijf, GGD (tel: 088-3083000).
You can contact the municipality of Leiden (14 071 choice 4) for questions about the licence (Monday up to and including Friday from 8.30 - 17.00 hours) or use the form at

Yours sincerely,

GGD and the municipality of Leiden